Shruthi Jain, Senior Manager Centre of Excellence

Shruthi’s journey with us started in December 2021, and as we approach her two-year anniversary, it feels as though she has been an integral part of our organization for much longer. The warmth of the welcome she received from her team played a pivotal role in her swift assimilation into our company’s culture. Since her very first day, her path has been a continuous voyage of learning and growth. This chapter in her career has proven to be truly remarkable, with her success being profoundly shaped by the guidance of her manager and the unwavering support of her team, rendering this experience incredibly valuable to her. Being part of a team that revels in the boundless freedom of creativity is a source of immense joy for Shruthi.

We are absolutely delighted to have her as a member of our organization, where our culture fosters connections and support that know no bounds across all levels. It is genuinely rewarding to have her as part of a company that is deeply rooted in these values and to collaborate with the exceptional individuals who embody them. Collaboration and teamwork are the very bedrock upon which our organization stands.

Shruthi’s journey toward excellence is an ongoing pursuit of growth and achievement, and we look forward to witnessing her continued success.

"This company has an unbeatable spirit, something which I admire the most. The employees are extremely diligent. The culture of growth is the primary essence of the company, and it is the right time to work here."