Andy Prince, Chief Innovation Officer

Andy Prince is the Chief Innovation Officer at Empowerists (formerly Diabsolut Inc.). Andy has been in business for over 30 years, in a career that started in energy and utilities with a focus on field service, progressed to roles in business planning and strategy before moving into management consulting and IT.

At The Empowerists Andy leads an expert team providing a broad range of services to all subsidiary lines of business including strategy & governance, IT & cybersecurity, marketing and product development. Andy’s team also manages strategic initiatives including all M&A and Divestiture activity on behalf of The Empowerists, his team having successfully closed several deals in recent years.

Andy is known for his ability to see the big picture, identify patterns and connect the dots to inform strategy. Andy is also well known for his broad knowledge on a variety of subjects, being very approachable and willing to share that knowledge with others. An empathic and emotionally intelligent leader Andy is frequently sought out by peers, colleagues and employees alike for advice on everything from negotiating contracts, to psychology and leadership. Andy is a very active coach and mentor within all our organizations and loves to help others find their path to a successful career, particularly for up-and-coming leaders from traditionally underrepresented groups in IT/Consulting leadership.

In his personal life Andy is married, loves cats, is an avid reader, enjoys playing video games at a highly competitive level and DJs electronic music, poorly, for fun!

“I get out of bed in the morning and do my best every day because of the people that surround me, you can’t give this team any less than your best, because they’re brilliant and they deserve it.”