Joe Diab, Empowerist

Joe Diab is the Founder of the Empowerists (formerly Diabsolut Inc.), a relationship company that helps build people and businesses. Joe’s key attributes are serving, building and encouraging his teams.

Joe believes in and adheres to the Zig Ziglar philosophy.

“You don’t build a business -you build people- and then people build the business.” Zig Ziglar

Joe has over 35 years of professional experience covering various industries, including banking, forex trading organization, investor relations, software sales and restaurant ownership. His aptitude for building relationships, businesses, people, and networks has remained constant throughout his journey.  Today, Joe and his teams have built enviable relationships with a roster of returning clients, strong partnerships with global vendors, as well as an expansive network of professionals with whom they collaborate, develop and continually build stronger connections.

Joe’s mantra and mission (jotted down for well over 30 years), “To create, nurture and maintain an environment of growth, challenge, and unlimited potential for all those around us”, still holds true. From both a people and business perspective, The Empowerists’ community lives by this adopted mission.

Joe also dedicates time to giving back to his community, whether he and his son are delivering food to local charities or raising funds for specific monthly charity events. He also loves to travel, spend quality time with his son, is a foodie and enjoys hiking.

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