Rahul M.S., Manager – Global Talent Acquisition

With nine years of experience in recruitment, Rahul’s journey at Empowerists has been marked by continuous growth and meaningful contributions. Starting as a Senior Recruiter, he has risen to the role of Talent Acquisition Manager, profoundly impacting our diverse family of companies and helping shape recruitment strategies on a global scale.

Upon joining Empowerists in August 2021, he led recruitment efforts across four companies. Managing a workforce of 300 professionals in various technical and functional roles across global regions was an exciting challenge. Rahul initially focused on crafting tailored recruitment strategies to address cultural nuances, legal requirements and talent dynamics in North America, India, the Philippines and Latin America. He is currently leading a dedicated team of recruitment professionals. This step allowed him to take on more significant responsibilities, including optimizing the recruitment process, establishing local recruitment teams and nurturing strategic partnerships to further enhance hiring efficiency.

Rahul’s commitment remains unwavering by staying updated with industry trends and best practices through active participation in industry events, webinars and workshops.

Rahul is looking forward to his journey at Empowerists, which promises exciting opportunities to shape and optimize talent acquisition strategies, contributing to the growth and success of our dynamic organization.

"As a Talent Acquisition Manager, I have been impressed by the caliber of candidates that Empowerists attracts. Company's reputation for excellence and commitment to employee satisfaction makes it a top destination for top talent in the industry. I am proud to be a part of a team that values professionalism, innovation, and teamwork.”