Dylan Pinsonneault, Senior Cyber Security Specialist

Fueled by a lifelong passion for technology, Dylan joined Empowerists, turning his enthusiasm into hands-on experiences. Starting his tech journey at fourteen by building his first computer, he laid the foundation for future endeavors.

As an intern at Empowerists, Dylan honed his networking skills, delving into new technologies and leaving a notable mark. The dynamic environment provided ample opportunities for hands-on learning, contributing to his growth and expertise.

A standout element for Dylan at Empowerists is its exceptional culture. Working across departments, he found a genuine and collaborative atmosphere. The organization’s teamwork-oriented approach and collective drive toward growth have been constant sources of motivation. This culture values team members’ contribution, fostering unity and a shared purpose.

For Dylan, Empowerists is more than a workplace—it’s a platform for continuous learning and personal development. The organization’s commitment to a collaborative and growth-centric atmosphere has allowed him to expand both professionally and personally. Hands-on experiences and exposure to various departments have broadened his skill set and deepened his understanding of the tech industry.