Parma Dutta Sharma, Chief People Officer

Parma’s tenure at Empowerists reflects a profound commitment to fostering meaningful connections and an unwavering belief in the potential of individuals. As the Chief People Officer at Empowerists (formerly Diabsolut Inc.), Parma leads the global HR team and responsible for the talent attraction, engagement, development, and experience of all Empowerists companies and its most important asset – our people. Her purview extends to talent acquisition, engagement strategies, developmental initiatives and the overall enhancement of the employee experience across all Empowerists subsidiaries. Paramount to our organization is the invaluable human capital and Parma stands as their principal advocate.

Parma wholeheartedly champions Empowerists’ central mission: “To unlock human potential and empower both individuals and enterprises,” serving as an instrumental catalyst in the pursuit of our aspiration to become the quintessential team. Moreover, she plays a pivotal role within the board, working in close collaboration with the founding team to shape and articulate the company’s strategic vision.

Drawing upon two decades of extensive leadership experience in people management, spanning diverse industries and global landscapes, Parma’s fervor for creating a more equitable society and nurturing transformative workplace cultures galvanized her to spearhead the HR transformation journey at Empowerists.

Parma’s professional profile extends beyond her executive role, encompassing certifications as a coach and NLP practitioner. She also founded “,” a venture dedicated to delivering HR solutions tailored to the unique needs of startups and strategically shaping organizations. Her mentorship has left an indelible mark on emerging HR professionals and executives worldwide. Parma holds academic distinctions, including a master’s degree from the University of Pune and a Post graduate diploma from XLRI – Xavier School of Management.

Outside her professional commitments, Parma derives immense satisfaction from quality time spent with her son and family. She fuels her passion for exploration through travel, indulges her palate with gastronomic delights and maintains a balanced and mindful lifestyle through the practice of yoga and meditation. Additionally, she is an avid practitioner of Vipassana, contributing actively to the community.

"What sets us apart is our culture. We are a likeminded, happy little family empowered to work remotely while fulfilling our true passion and making a meaningful difference in our clients' world."