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At Empowerists, we redefine the landscape of private equity by combining a forward-thinking approach with a rich legacy of success. As a private equity organization, we specialize in identifying and nurturing opportunities that drive sustainable growth and maximize value.

Every individual and business has the potential for greatness. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to helping them achieve that potential by leveraging our expertise and resources. Our commitment extends to fostering growth and success through strategic investments and transformative partnerships.

“In the realm of investments, we believe in sculpting success through strategic vision, calculated risk, and unwavering commitment. A relentless pursuit of value creation fuels our journey, where every venture is meticulously crafted by the artistry of private equity.”

Joe Diab | Empowerists

Why Empowerists?

Proven Track Record: With a history of successful investments spanning various industries, our track record speaks volumes about our ability to identify and capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

Strategic Insight: Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of industry knowledge and strategic insight, ensuring that every investment decision is backed by thorough analysis and a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

Global Reach: Empowerists operates on a global scale, tapping into diverse markets to uncover hidden gems and capitalize on emerging trends. Our international presence allows us to navigate complex landscapes and seize opportunities wherever they arise.

Partnership Approach: We believe in collaborative success. By fostering strong partnerships with portfolio companies, we actively contribute to their growth and development, creating value for both our investors and the businesses we support.

“I was looking for a partner who could help me accelerate growth and expand on the Salesforce capabilities we held dear.  Diabsolut was the perfect partner and a year later, I can proudly say it’s only gotten better!”

Jesse Theiler | Founder and CEO, Emelar Consulting Group

Unlocking Growth Through Strategic Acquisitions

At Empowerists, our commitment to excellence and strategic growth is exemplified through our successful acquisitions of Foundry52 and Emelar Consulting Group. These synergistic additions have seamlessly integrated into Diabsolut our Salesforce consulting business.

Foundry52’s expertise as a Certinia partner has seamlessly integrated with our existing capabilities, amplifying our proficiency in delivering cutting-edge solutions. The infusion of their revenue-centric approach into our Salesforce consulting business has not only enhanced our service portfolio but has also played a pivotal role in driving sustained success.

The acquisition of Emelar Consulting Group brought a wealth of expertise, particularly in the critical domains of Manufacturing and Revenue Management. This strategic move has proven to be immensely successful, not only expanding our service offerings but also reinforcing our commitment to delivering tailored solutions to our clients.