Unique. Distinctive. Unparalleled.

Backed by intellect. Community Minded. Driven by values.

Our culture

A mid-size consulting firm that’s a powerhouse of personalized business and technology transformation solutions, on par with the biggest names in the industry, but with a client and cultural focus that sets us apart.






Employee investment

Investing in our employees is an important part of our organizational culture, we know their hard work and dedication makes us who we are.


A large collaborative workspace in our Montreal office, dedicated to ensuring our employees have everything they need to do the best work possible for our clients in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.


We’re passionate about collaborating, supporting and advocating on behalf of our customers and our success has been built on our core values.

Our people

At Diabsolut we know the value and dedication of each employee and are passionate about offering growth opportunities. We make it our employee mission to provide the tools and training needed to advance their careers, move them to senior positions or even a new career path. We also thrive on establishing a work environment where employees build confidence and feel appreciated.

Dedicated. Highly knowledgeable. Passionate. Motivated.

Our support

Our Centre of Innovation, existing and funded independently from our customer facing lines of business; a group of resources dedicated to developing new ways to better meet our clients’ needs.

We recognize great talent when we see it. Our incubator, or CEO’s incubator fund, exists to retain and develop the best resources in the industry. How many times have you met the perfect resource, that you know would really fit within your organization, but you didn’t have a role currently available? We sidestep that issue by taking on those individuals anyway and funding them temporarily within our incubator. Some of our best and brightest have come through this route.

Explores new ideas and
analyses their viability

Starts up new processes and
creates new products

Fosters new lines of business,
such as HRWize