Becoming the Empowerists

Our Journey Started in 2003

Empowering People, Businesses and Clients

Founded in 2003 by Joe Diab, Diabsolut Inc, now Empowerists, began as a ClickSoftware reseller. In 2015 with more than 70 employees the Empowerists was divided into 3 separate businesses Diabsolut FSM (ClickSoftware partner), Diabsolut Cloud Solutions (Salesforce partner) and Watershed CI our management consulting and staff augmentation business.

Seeing the need for a streamlined HRIS as our company grew in 2016, our Director of HR, Sally, saw an opportunity and launched HRWize, our HRIS solution. Today, Sally is the president of HRWize, and two new products, Earnwize (salary review tool) and Workaxle (enterprise workforce management), have been introduced under the HRWize brand.

After Salesforce acquired ClickSoftware in 2019, Diabsolut FSM and Diabsolut Cloud Solutions merged to become Diabsolut and have since gone on to become a Salesforce Summit Partner. Since 2021, we have made strategic investments to acquire Foundry52 and Emelar, also both becoming part of Diabsolut. Through these acquisitions Diabsolut strengthened their commitment to Salesforce and also entered into partnership with Certinia (was FinancialForce), becoming Certinia’s Partner of the year for delivery excellence in 2022.

Today the Empowerists are more than 300 employees globally and we continue to grow by investing in our people and businesses.

The Empowerists difference

Employee Investment

Investing in our employees is an important part of our organizational culture, we know their hard work and dedication makes us who we are.

Incubator Fund

How many times have you met the perfect resource, that you know would really fit within your organization, but you didn’t have a role currently available? We sidestep that issue by taking on those individuals anyway and funding them temporarily within our incubator. Some of our best and brightest have come through this route.

Fundamental Values

We’re passionate about collaborating, supporting, and advocating on behalf of our customers and our success has been built on our core values.

Our Top Empowerists

The Leadership Team Behind Our People and Businesses

Together, our executive leadership team bring decades of experience in the successful deployment of business transformation projects across a wide range of industries in North America. They draw upon their collective experience to develop and deliver the best possible solutions and services for our customers, provide strong leadership for our employees and foster an environment of collaboration and innovation throughout our company.


Joe Diab


Andy Prince

Chief of Innovation

Elie Hossari

President Diabsolut

Michael Riall

President Watershed CI

Sally De Rosa

President HRWize

Parma Dutta Sharma

Chief People Officer

Our core values:


A solution that works well and continues to work well long after we’re gone is the only solution we’re interested in providing. How is this achieved? Collaboration. Our experts working together with your organization as a team, every step of the way.

POSITIVE Attitude.


Having partnered with organizations all over the US and Canada, we know that no matter what size a project is it’s important that our clients can trust and rely on us. We value that trust, work hard to maintain it, and take pride in our record of accountability.



It’s part of our corporate culture to provide our clients with work we can stand by, work that delivers the organizational improvements they want and need, and to do exactly what we say we will. Our bottom line is never the first thing on our minds.

Determined WORK ETHIC.


Our standard for success is seeing our clients doing great and seeing the work we’ve delivered provide positive results long after a project ends; we judge our success based on our clients success. Every client is our partner, and we want every partner to thrive.

DEVOTION to our Clients.


Innovation is incredibly important to our organization. We have resources dedicated to developing new ways to meet our partners’ needs independently from our other lines of business, and strive to provide a workplace that fosters creativity and talent.